Stwo Interview, March 2014

Stwo @ The Middle East

Stwo @ The Middle East // Jordan Rosenthal-Kay

Rebecca Sinai & Jordan Rosenthal-Kay
March 11th, 2014 @ The Middle East w/ Stwo

You just started touring in the US a few days ago, was your first show in DC? How was it?

Yea, it was super sick, like, everyone was super friendly and stuff, and it was crazy, like, at the end of my set people were starting to do some kind of breakdance battle, like, on the crowd, seriously, to me that was the best way to welcome me to America, like, that was sick for me.

Growing up, did you listen to a lot of American music? Greatest Influences?

Yea! I mean, like, everybody in the world. You guys, hold like all of the classics and shit. I grew up listening to a lot of disco and funk music, like Earth, Wind, and Fire, Stevie Wonder, all those guys. So yea, I mean the only French group that I remember when I was growing up was younger, was like Daft Punk, Daft Punk is not that French, you know what I mean? So yea, basically I grew up listening to more American music than European.

So your family was pretty musical too?

Yea, definitely. My dad, all my dad’s side are musicians, so when I was younger, I started out playing bass guitar, before doing computer stuff/laptop producing.

Do you still play bass?

Definitely. I try to find time, I’m working on doing a live set, so maybe I will put my skills of playing instruments in it, I don’t know yet.

Is there anything you miss about Paris, now that you’re here?

No, to be honest. I’m living in Paris but I’m not that kind of guy who says ‘Paris is the greatest city in the world.’ I don’t really like Paris. It’s cool, it’s beautiful and stuff, I don’t really like the French people and like I mean it’s pretty crazy because I’m French. The Parisians are super busy, and not super friendly, and kind of arrogant. I’m feeling way more comfortable here, because nobody really gives a shit here. You’re just super cool and super chill. I don’t miss anything yet; I’m cool here, for the moment.

Who on your label do you find you are the most similar to, and who is the most different?

I would say that Kaytranada is one of my biggest influences. Falcons too. I don’t know, I think what I love about the label is that each artist has his own flavor. Like Falcons is doing that kind of dark, trap clubby shit. I’m more trippy and chilly. Everyone has their own flavors, and it’s super cool. It’s not my part to say my sound is similar to this one or that. It’s way more the people who listen.

Ever consider producing for film?

I’ve never thought about this. To be honest, my manager, he asked me this a few months ago, if I’d ever be down to produce for like film or something. I don’t feel it now, maybe later though. I focus more on my own career, EP and album stuff. Maybe I’ll be inspired, but for the moment, no, not yet.

In America, MDMA and other drugs are a big part of the electronic scene, do they play a part in the Paris scene?

Yeah, there is a lot people with drugs and stuff. You don’t need that to enjoy music, but you can do whatever you want, whatever. To me, it’s useless.

Where do you hope people are listening to your music?

Whatever city in the world man, it’s crazy. It’s crazy to me that the beats I make in my room are known. I arrive in DC and people recognize me, it’s crazy. Damn. I was just making beats in my room and now I’m touring. People tell me a lot that it’s sex music. I get some weird creepy messages like, “yo man, I had sex over your tunes.” What do you want me to say to that? How was it? What did you do? What music did you choose? No, I think it’s music to listen to on Sundays, when you’re high. I try though just to make the kinda music I like, without looking at whatever people are looking for. I mix together stuff I like, and people ask, “I’m curious about your set, but I liked it.”

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