Shark Saddle Interview, April 2014

Melisma: If you guys could elect a band dad would you prefer Joe Biden or Barack Obama?

Dan: Joe is so funny, he’s so chill and cracks jokes. I don’t know about Barack. He’s a nice guy I just don’t know how I feel about having a socialist and a band dad.
Jackson: You just said that on the record

If you had unlimited budget to shoot your own shark saddle video, we’ll cap it at four minutes in length, what would you make?

Dan: M. Knight Shamylan. We were actually talking about this last night. We want a massive battle scene.
Greg: I want Will Ferrel and John C. Reiley to sing me “Boats and Hoes”
Dan: Yeah, I’d pay for that

How is it you came to such a cohesive sound so quickly?

Greg: What?
Dan: Drugs, lots of acid
Greg: Five of us live on the same side of the same hall
Michael: And we all listen to the same kind of music. We definitely have our own styles but like, there’s a lot of overlap too.
Dan: Greg really loves Miley Cyrus
Greg: You don’t even understand my love for her. It’s beyond love

What’s the deal with Annahstasia? She came and performed but I thought she was out?

Greg: She is out but we’re gonna do a better job of announcing her as a guest performer

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years? Make up a fantasy future for the band

Michael: We own an island
Greg: Hugh Hefner. He starts a record label, we get signed, you know where we live.

What about 100 years? Where’s your ideal grave plot?

Rohan: Mars
Greg: I would like to be buried on the Suquamish Indian Reservation

Have many of you have ever seen a shark?

[They all raise their hands]
Dan: I swam in a shark tank

What are you guys doing for the summer?

Dan: I might be in San Francisco this summer.
Jackson: That’d be awesome
Greg: We’re planning on laying down some tracks by the end of the semester. Do an EP hopefully out next fall.

What would be your dream festival lineup dead or alive?

Dan: Grateful Dead, Snarky Puppy, Hendrix, Allman Brothers, we have to think very carefully about the fifth band
Jackson: Weezer
Greg: The Rare Occasions
Dan: The Brecker Brothers, well, I don’t know.
Greg: Tower Power
Greg: Clapton
Michael: Let’s just make a Shark Saddle Festival

If you could play at any American music festival what would it be?

Dan: Gathering of the vibes it’s in Seaside Park in Bridgeport 10 minutes from my house it’s basically a Grateful Dead thing. They bring in Derek Trucks’ band. Oh, that’s the fifth band, Tedeschi Trucks. Sorry, Derek.

What’s your craziest encounter with someone recognizing you?

Greg: A person I know was introducing me to someone I didn’t know but they recognized me as Greg from Shark Saddle who gets all the racy Tufts Confessions

If you could create one piece of merchandise what would it be?

Michael: Thongs that say “organ-asm” on them and have a picture of Jackson playing the organ.
Dan: Greg’s face saying “Saddle Up” that picture. Or Greg’s face saying “find your G-spot” on a thong

Where did you record the EP and with what equipment?

Greg: I have two mics: a large diaphragm condenser and a pencil condenser and a two input interface. And we tracked them to a computer in Granoff. I tried a bunch of different combinations but what worked best was a stereo image setup with them both six feet apart in front of the set. Luckily Dan is a balanced enough player and the cymbals didn’t bleed through as much and we could just EQ, compress, and pan it. Worked out fine. Then we came back up to Houston and just put everything else in as a direct input. Recorded everything into Reaper.

Would you guys ever consider a collab with a rapper?

Greg: Willem Zook

Did you guys have some ideas floating around before Tufts for songs? How does the writing process work? Does one of you sketch something out and bring it to the rest of you or is it a more organic process?

Aiden: It’s kind of a combination of the two. One of us will bring an idea and we’ll all sort of work through it and turn it into something.
Rohan: Some of them just come out of jam sessions and things like that

Are you guys getting any press? Any blogs trying to interview you guys?

Dan: Greg just got an interview!
Greg: Some chick from Berlin found my Soundcloud and listened to the solo EP I put out over winter break and said she wanted to interview me for her blog.
Michael: Have you read what it says?
Greg: Yeah, it’s all just normal interview stuff until it calls me out at the end for looking really bored and distant while playing with the Olympic College Jazz Band my junior year of high school.
Dan: You have a stalker from Germany

Have you considered bringing any of your material into Shark Saddle?

Greg: We have. The thing is, for the most part I typically write different kinds of songs, more three-minute stuff, but I’m finding some of it’s adaptable.

Where do you see yourselves in the Tufts music scene?

All: The top

What do you think of the Tufts music scene?

Dan: I don’t know what it was like before but I think this year, it’s just exploded in terms of everyone just wanting to start a band, write music, and perform. We gotta give Apple Jam credit for trying to do monthly shows and bring live bands here.
Greg: Definitely. They’re giving bands an opportunity to play. Without a demo it’s kinda hard to get booked but Apple Jam is willing to book people no one’s heard

Are any of you guys in side projects other than Greg?

Dan: Jackson is in the St. Valentinez. Aiden is in this thing called the Pocket Money Orchestra
Aiden: Go like us on Facebook. We haven’t really hit the Facebook scene, we only have 50 likes.

What is the ideal combination of illicit substances you would like your audience members to be on when they listen to your music?

All: Acid

It’s a combination, you can choose different things

Dan: Greg, what’s the motto for every show we do?
Greg: If you remember it, you’re doing it wrong
Dan: There we go

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