Snapshots: Annahstasia Enuke


Who are you?

Annahstasia Enuke. 19. From L.A. I sing and compose. I’m left handed. My idols are jazz vocalist legends like Otis Redding and Billie Holiday as well as psych rock icons like Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa.

What do you do at Tufts?

Well I split from Shark Saddle last semester so I’ve been on a Tufts music hiatus for a while now. But this year I have really been focusing on learning more and becoming more musically independent; brushing up on theory, learning the guitar, expanding my musical tastes, etc. I’m hoping to collaborate in the near feature with some of the amazing musicians on campus. Collaboration is one of my favorite parts of music, getting to make that “intellectual baby” with someone else and have it out there for others to also experience is truly a phenomenal thing. Also, I do frequent the folk nights on campus and if I’m feeling flashy I’ll borrow a guitar and sing a few songs.

What have you been listening to lately?

Hiatus Kaiyote, Tawk Tomahawk is excellent. His sound is so unique and is pure unfiltered greatness. The music on constant loop consists of Amy Winehouse, Cat Empire, First Aid Kit, Jack White, Floyd, Nina Simone, and Fela Kuti. I’ve been listening to a lot of piano players/composers lately like Nico Muhly and Chilly Gonzalez, both do really poignant things with their music. I highly recommend. I’ve also been listening to a lot of African music, trying to train my ear out of the western drum pattern I’ve grown accustomed to. Music of the Ituri Forest (side 1) is my particular favorite.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see two potential paths: I’m either at the Grammys for my psychedelic jazz-rock record, wearing a spike choker and a baby doll dress. Or I’m at grad school, getting my masters in philosophy or political science or one specific type of fish. Right now I’m not sure what I want to do with my academics. I’m looking for ways to get my opinion heard, so I can really affect the world, and I’m striving to find something that equips me with the skills to do that. Side note: A part of me wants to give it all up for art school. I’ve always wanted to be an artist, but I know it’s not a safe career path. Hopefully there will be room for compromise. [laughs]

If you could tell your 7th grade self one thing what would it be?

Shave your head and get 3 piercings. They all think you’re a lesbian anyway. [laughs] I dressed wildly and didn’t talk to many people, so people may have thought I was an ass, but it got my point across. I had as many close friends as I could trust and I was going to do my own thing no matter what people thought.

Interview by Josie Watson 
Photography by Amy Kao

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