Snapshots: Danny Garfield

Who are you?
I am Danny Garfield

What do you do on campus musically?
I play in a band, which is oftentimes just myself, called Slumberjacks.

What have you been Listening to lately?
Well, I just went to a midnight Delicate Steve concert, and I’ve been into them for a while…I’m listening to [Janis Martin], she’s like classic 50’s rock n’ roll…Mac Demarco, always.

Where do you see yourself musically in a year?
I want to play in a band with more than just me, and I want to have recordings that don’t suck, and I want to play an Applejam show!  Listen Up Sam Worthington, I’m talking to you! Book Me!
Also, [I’ll be] on American Idol. I’m going to Hollywood baby!

Skinny Jeans or Hammer Pants?
Skinny jeans that my girlfriend in 9th grade bought me from the Urban Outfitters women’s department.

Interview by Max Ettelson

Photo by Amy Kao

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