Snapshots: Josh Brown


W1ho Are You?

I am Josh Brown.


What do you do do on campus musically?

I am the co-founder and drummer of a band called Like Wolves.  We played three different shows last semester and are currently booked to play at Thetathon in October.


What have you been listening to recently?

I’m a big fan of Rise Against and their new album.  Other than that, not a ton of new music, a little Young the Giant, but other than that a lot of older stuff.  I’ve been getting into some Foo Fighters and [Red Hot Chili Peppers] recently.


Where do you see yourself musically in a year?

Our goal is to continue to write songs and keep working on different covers and play more shows.  We’re in the process [of] recording one of our songs, we’re planning on finishing up this weekend, and our eventual goal is to start playing off-campus venues, like [Davis Square].


Skinny Jeans or Hammer Pants?

Gotta go Hammer Pants.

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