Dirty River String Band – Skin And Bones (Live In The Crane Room)

To invoke an Alabama cliché, watching the Dirty River String Band is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. The Tufts band is more of a club at this point, swapping out members when one goes abroad or another graduates for equally talented underclassmen. Sophomore Jeff Saltzman is the latest addition, his drumming on Home Depot buckets adding a BEATS-like pitter patter rhythm to the Bluegrass jams of the rest of the group. Senior Lukas Papenfusscline remains (to go along with the train imagery of their performance) the locomotive of the group, driving each song home with an Appalachian wail that can only be described as aggressively charming. Rounding out the quartet are sophomore Conor Hearn on guitar and senior Chris Finis on bass, each providing some seriously good solo work when called upon by Papenfusscline. Each performance of the Dirty River String Band is unique in its own right, but perhaps the best part is knowing you’ll only see this combination of musicians jam together a handful of times before a new member joins the train.

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