Listen To Shark Saddle’s New Single “When People Want You”

“I have no idea what we released,” Shark Saddle frontman Greg Warns told me the night before the band was set to put out their first song in almost a year. Shark Saddle’s answer to a school year devoid of new material and lacking in the prolific number of performances they racked up last year is a sprawling track that pushes 7 minutes. “When People Want You” is a new direction for the band that started out with a penchant for high-energy funk. Opting for a slow build and reverb-soaked vocals that remind me of new Tame Impala, the band takes their time to slowly incorporate all the elements of their signature style. The horns, synths, and vocoder are still there in full effect, but only after a two minute buildup. The result is a more mature, cinematic Shark Saddle. Their EP Mississippi Yorlinge is coming mid-April. You can stream “When People Want You” below.

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