Everything You Need To Know About Surprise Spring Fling Opener Lauren Lane

Lauren Lane has been making all the right moves recently. Since cutting her teeth in the competitive New York club scene, her mixes and originals have been making waves in the world of underground house music. Her release Cool Kids was the best selling track on electronic label Saved Records last year. Since moving to LA a few years ago, she’s hit the upper echelons of underground dance music. Blending a unique mix of house, tech-house, and minimal music, she’s traveled the world playing at electronic meccas like Ibiza and the BPM Festival. Just recently she did two sets at Coachella (one of which you can listen to here), which made her an attractive prospect when Concert Board was seeking a female opener on short notice for Spring Fling.

I emailed her the other day to ask her to introduce herself to Tufts. Be sure to catch her set as the first opener at Spring Fling this Saturday.

How long have you been doing music? When did you get started?
Music has been in my life in many ways since I was a little kid. I’ve played different instruments and practiced multiple kinds of dance growing up. I’ve been DJing and producing music professionally for the past 4 years now.

How would you describe your musical style? Who are your influences?
My musical style is considered “underground” by some. It’s not the usual electronic music you hear on the radio. I play all types of house, tech house, techno and minimal music. The variety of dance floors I play around the world give me constant inspiration.

How was Coachella this year?
It’s amazing to have the opportunity to play Coachella. The lineup is so diverse. I love being included with so many dope artists.

What projects are you working on right now?
Right now I have just been finishing up a lot of original music which will be coming out in Summer and Fall 2015.

What are your goals for this year?
My goals for this year are to continue playing some of the amazing places I’ve already played like Ibiza, Brazil, and UK but also finally play in Asia and Australia.

Who have you been listening to recently? What can we expect from your set at Spring Fling? 
I’m looking forward to playing my debut in Boston at Spring Fling this weekend. Come ready to dance!

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