DJ Paypal toured Europe and we interviewed him before his Paris show

When I heard that DJ Paypal, the mysterious producer associated with the label LuckyMe from Glasgow known for its acts like Hudson Mohawke, Baauer, and Cashmere Cat, his own label Mall Music Inc, and TEKLIFE, the footwork crew originally from Chicago, had a show up at Social Club in Paris, I hit him up to gather a few insights about what his music is all about and what’s to come within the next year. Before playing an energetic set, which was full of footwork beats (he managed to mix Wiz Khalifa’s “In the Cut” with Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”), and in my opinion, not enough Drake, we discussed via email:

Melisma: Introduce yourself to us in 4 words.
DJ Paypal: I’m the smart Cobra

What was DJ Paypal before Paypal existed?
DJ Paypal was the fragrance of Limitless Spending in the air, the breeze between youth’s wings, the last source of Forgiveness and Redemption.

How did Mall music start up and how’s that going?
Mall Music started when me and DJ Mastercard decided in 2012 to do something fun. It’s going good, getting music out from Mastercard, DJ Orange Julius, DJ Boy Drama, DJ Instant Message & Myself in the near future.

Why should we listen to footwork music?
Footwork has this feeling that I don’t think I’ve felt with any other type of music, but I guess it’s really up to the individual to decide whether or not they wanna listen to it. But a lot of people who go to footwork & juke parties come out of it with a fresh perspective on something they maybe never paid attention to.

What inspired you to do the album of Drake edits
I made so many of them for no reason that it kinda made sense to put them out once i saw the numbers piling up.

Did you remix anything from If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late?
I have not. Lol.

If Drake remixed one of your songs what would it sound like?
Would probably be Hilarious & Cool.

Why’d you call your most recent release on LuckyMe “Buy Now”?
Because people should Buy it Now.

What’s the most recent thing you bought online?
It’s kinda ironic, I usually never shop online. Lol.

What’s your favorite drum break to use?
I have 4 or 5 drum breaks that are my favorites, all of them are ones i cut from songs on a North Carolina Funk compilation.

Tell us why you love Lil B.
I Love Comedy & Rawness & Lil B got both of those.

What’s it like touring Europe?
It’s pretty cool I got mad love for European audiences and Clubs.

What does this year have in store for DJ Paypal?
Lots of big things, a new record, some over-over seas shows, it’s gonna be crazy.

What does this year not have in store for DJ Paypal?
I’m not gonna throwup on my denim pants this year. And I’m not gonna use spray deoderant anymore, I’m switching to Roll-on.

Listen to DJ Paypal’s most recent vinyl release Buy Now on Soundcloud

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