SUMMER SOUNDTRACKS: Jade Yaa Kankam-Nantwi

We asked incoming freshmen of the Tufts Class of 2019 to send us playlists to soundtrack their summers and write about the songs they chose. Summer Soundtracks is the result.

By Jade Yaa Kankam-Nantwi

As this is my first post-high school summer, I’ve been feeling a lot more reckless and relaxed
than usual. It may be strange to have Rap, EDM, Afrobeats, and House in one playlist, but
they represent different parts of this season. “Touch the Sky” and “Feeling Myself” signify
the over-ambitious beginning of my summer and resulting invincible feeling that I felt
knowing that I had survived four years of back to back examinations, (easily avoidable) last-
minute cram sessions, and boarding school food.

For those first few weeks, it truly felt like the coming months were going to resemble a series of music videos. “Like to Party” and “Sugar Hill” are both throwbacks but a summer playlist just doesn’t seem complete without some old school hip hop and perhaps what is the best afrobeats pool party song ever made. DaG’s “Bounce” acts as a game changer as we move into the final part of summer – the nostalgia and “…wait, it’s August already?” stage. “Savanna”, “Younger” and “Remember You” are the perfect background songs for your daydream montage of summer memories during that momentous drive to the airport. By the end of the playlist, you should be left wondering where all the time went and wishing you’d done something crazier. Ultimately, this collection of songs characterizes my four months of sunshine, from graduation to goodbyes, with all the BBQs, lazy days, and stupid nights spent with friends in between.

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