Summer Soundtracks: Avi Block

We asked incoming freshmen of the Tufts Class of 2019 to send us playlists to soundtrack their summers and write about the songs they chose. Summer Soundtracks is the result.

By Avi Block

A summer playlist is full of songs that make you feel good and bright, like you’re constantly on a sunny drive to the beach. It contains plenty of songs you might know already, like Flume’s remix of “Tennis Court” by Lorde, or “All We Need” by Odesza, alongside a handful of songs that deserve far more awareness than they’re getting, like “Black and White” by Local Hero, or “Sunshine” by Flight Facilities.  Ideally, with every listen, you’ll grow more and more acquainted with each song.

Artists like Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper are huge these days, with tons of songs to choose from for any scenario.  From Chance and The Social Experiment, I chose “Familiar”, my personal favorite song off of Surf, because its upbeat, fun sound perfectly covers up its secret, hilariously sarcastic message.  From Kendrick, I chose the songs “Money Trees” and “King Kunta” because both have the catchy, easily memorized choruses that make them good enough summer songs to be worth putting in the effort to also learn all the words to the long, intricate verses in between.

The goal of this playlist was to put together 15 distinctly unique songs that together to the exciting unpredictability of summer. It features songs from the genres of rock, rap, electronic and funk, all with very pop-like influences and plenty of singalong potential.

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