Telekinesis is coming to Brighton Music Hall on October 23rd

Hailing from Seattle, singer-songwriter Michael Lerner – the drummer, singer, and songwriter of Telekinesis – has drastically changed his music by altering the process in which it is created. Rather than return to recording albums in compressed periods of time in a professional studio as he had previously done, Lerner set out to create a home studio in his own basement. By doing so, he has traded the immediacy of his previous albums for the financial freedom to experiment with his sound, as he has explained in a piece for Medium. The result is delightful; Lerner maintains his fantastic songwriting capabilities over warm analog synth riffs that give the album a distinctly 80s vibe, demonstrating that artists often produce their best work when the challenges they face are of their own design.

Telekinesis plays Brighton Music Hall on Friday, October 23rd, and you can expect just as much inspired energy in their live show as is present in their most recent album.


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