Moon King at Paradise Rock Club

Having recently released their first full length album, Secret Life, this spring along with a couple new singles, Canadian electronic dream pop duo Moon King is picking up momentum. There is a deserving buzz surrounding frontman Daniel Benjamin and his musical partner Maddy Wilde as they explore an ambient, floaty sound. In anticipation of their show October 30th at Paradise Rock Club, where Moon King will open for Youth Lagoon, we discussed the influence of touring on their new sound.


What have you learned most from live performances?
I think figuring out how to talk to a large group of people is one of the hardest things for a musician. I’ve also learned to keep the stage clear so I don’t trip on things.


What have you learned from the bands you’ve toured with?
I’ve noticed that the music I make gets influenced pretty immediately by the bands we’re touring with at the time, like for Secret Life we had just come off a long tour with Majical Cloudz so the vibe I was used to was very intense & personal going into making the record, vs this time around we were just touring with Alvvays and Tops so things are more breezy.


What would you consider the band’s hook?
The dynamic between me & Maddy is probably the most interesting thing about the band, I think we balance each other out pretty well personality-wise and onstage.


How does the production dynamic between the two of you work?
The production and songwriting is all just me, Maddy is more into just performing.


Are you planning on continuing your music with the new sound of your recent EP? What inspired this transition in sound?
Two of the songs on the EP are B-sides that were recorded for Secret Life – the other one is the audio recording from a live video where we played two of the album tracks together as one 11-minute piece.


How have your fans been reacting to this new sound?
I think people dig it!


How has your musical homelife shaped you as a musician? 
Both of us grew up around music but we weren’t really interested in it until we started playing ourselves….. We started our first band together when we were teenagers so I think we’ve grown up together musically.


How is your fanbase different in Canada versus in the UK versus in the US?
Hmmm I think Canadian audiences smell the best, UK / US audiences I’d say the scent is on par.

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