Nap Eyes Performing Tonight at Great Scott

This past February, Nap Eyes released their second album Thought Rock Fish Scale. It was was recorded in May 2014 on the Nova Scotia coast within four days. Nigel Chapman, Seamus Dalton, Josh Salter and Brad “Bronson” Loughead created an album distinct in its precision and enveloping lyrical musings.

It is impossible to listen to this clean, minimalist album without paying keen attention to songwriter and guitarist Nigel Chapman’s poetic lyrics. They follow strings of introspection, begging the listener to examine their own relationships, neurosis, and means of escape. The eight tracks protest our tendency towards information overload and disconnection from the present moment.

Tonight, Nap Eyes will bring their talents to Great Scott in Allston for a set that will soothe the audience just as it charges them, luring us in with Chapman’s intimate voice and softly-surging guitar. For an evening of minimalist rock and relaxation, and a moment with one of the best albums of 2016, this is a show worth seeing.

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