A Quick Question With: Frankie Cosmos

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The first in a new series of micro-interviews with our favorite artists

Frankie Cosmos kicked off a mini summer tour in Baltimore last week at The Windup Space. The four-piece band headed by Greta Kline has never been more popular, but the group’s appeal remains their DIY ethos. Despite the growing buzz and songs about said buzz, going to a Frankie Cosmos show still has the feel of going to see some friends of friends play a house show. Kline and friends staff their own merch table, run around with camcorders filming the openers, and play songs about their friends on a Twin Peaks themed stage. It’s a winning formula for a band that comes from such a close-knit scene and, whether intentionally or not, makes being a fan of Frankie Cosmos feel like being a friend of Frankie Cosmos. I caught up with Kline at her merch table to ask her a quick question.

What’s your favorite article of clothing you own? 
That’s hard. I really love this one sweatshirt that I own. It’s like a black sweatshirt with a crazy textile on it of a fancy lady with earrings coming off. 

Listen to Frankie Cosmos’ newest album Next Thing here

Photo by Patrick 

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