Sleigh Bells: Jessica Rabbit


Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss first came out with Treats in 2010, and with it the birth of Sleigh Bells’ clean-cut electro-metal and shredding-punk sound. Next, there was Bitter Rivals and Reign of Terror, and the duo emerged, swinging baseball bats through high school hallways with bloodied sneakers and diamond-studded jackets. The two evolved a bright but morose discography of teenage heartbreak, dark angst, and bitter rage.

Coming this November 11 is Miller and Krauss’s fourth album, Jessica Rabbit, which was produced by the band and mixed by Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, Tyler, the Creator). Included on the album are previously released “Rule Number One”, “Hyper Dark”, and “It’s Just Us Now.” The video for “It’s Just Us Now” was released this past month and features exasperation and shredding in suburban pools and barren fields. Whereas Treats, Bitter Rivals, and Reign of Terror is marked by youthful ideals and teenage rage, Jessica Rabbit has been described as “downright sinister” by critics. Check out Sleigh Bells’ fall tour in support of Jessica Rabbit here.


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