LANY Headline Royale


LANY at Royale. Photo by Katie Sanna.

Smoke rolled across the stage of the Royale as the national anthem played. Passionately singing along until LANY walked out, the crowd’s singing quickly devolved into screaming.  Members of LANY, Paul Klein (vocals), Les Priest (keyboard, guitar, vocals), and Jake Goss (drums), first met at Belmont University in Nashville. After a brief hiatus during which Klein went on to pursue a solo music career in Los Angeles while Priest and Goss worked on their pop project WRLDS, the trio regrouped in L.A. to produce songs “Hot Lights” and “Walk Away.” “Hot Lights” stands out with its unique combination of dance song lyrics demanding the listener to “get on the dance floor” meshed against a slow tempo and simple percussion accompaniment. The contrasting lyrics and beat along with a simple but catchy brass riff marks the originality of LANY’s style. Calvin Paradise from Bitcandy describes their sound as something “that appears at the crossroads of dream pop and R&B.” Klein affirms this classification of their music, noting that both genres have an influence on their music. This can be seen in their other single “Walk Away” where the dream pop influence manifests in the melody, while the lyrical content pulls from R&B. LANY’s sound derives its success from simplicity; all of the band’s songs focus on creating a beautiful blend of a few elements, resulting in music perfect for easy listening.  After the success of their first two songs, the group decided to permanently work together, choosing the name LANY as an acronym for Los Angeles New York.


LANY at Royale. Photo by Katie Sanna.

Their songs embody a breezy, dreamy state of mind, bearing sonic similarity to bands like the 1975 and Oh Wonder. The song “ILYSB” gained popularity online after its release, with 800 thousand views on Youtube. LANY, with its growing fan base, has toured with the X Ambassadors, Halsey, Troye Sivan, and Ellie Goulding. Earlier this year, the trio released their kinda – EP, comprising of previously released singles “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS” and  “yeah, babe, no way.”   Each consecutive release continues to gain more listeners and appraisal as the band reaches a wider audience. LANY gained attention for their continual use of their Windows computer despite signing to a record label and gaining access to a regular studio. Instead of using any of their profit on a separate studio, the band chooses to improve their L.A. home studio, which still includes the tried and true home PC. Having found a formula for success with their distinct set up and sound, the band continues to amass a dedicated following.


LANY at Royale. Photo by Katie Sanna.

LANY’s The Kinda Tour is the group’s first as headliners, with support from dynamic opening act Transviolet. Transviolet chose many moments to slow down their set and create space for reflection, rather than solely pumping up the crowd for the headliner. Their distinct choice fit the mood of the concert well and only added value to the overall experience. The concert drew a passionate crowd that danced throughout the energetic opener, sang every word of LANY’s set, and crooned when frontman Klein spoke. Throughout the show, Klein’s talking points were brief and organized; however, he broke his typical pattern of preparedness to convey his absolute disbelief at the crowd showing up for LANY. The crowd, a mix of ages mainly early teens to late twenties, embodied the optimism inherent in LANY’s music by responding enthusiastically to all aspects of the concert, showcased by their dancing to the interlude of Michael Jackson played before LANY’s set. LANY’s dream-like pop music was bolstered by their strong live sound, an aesthetic backdrop, and a passionate crowd that all blended to make a truly unforgettable show.

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