Jacob Collier comes to Brighton Music Hall on 3/13



To call Jacob Collier’s reach wide would be a massive understatement. Quincy Jones mentors him, Ty Dolla $ign comments the goat emoji on his Instagram posts, and he is lauded by even the most seasoned jazz fans. As the new, young face of vocal jazz, he’s pushing the genre into the future.

Born in London to a family of musicians, Collier started his rise in the music world early. In his childhood, he learned how to play over a dozen instruments, including guitar, piano, and bass. As a teenager, he began uploading intricate original works and versions of a wide variety of standards on YouTube, where he gained recognition (and millions of views) for his soaring multi-tracked vocals, instrumental prowess, and astoundingly complex arrangements. Online, Collier showcases his massive vocal range that ranges from a deep bass to a robust tenor and a supple falsetto by presenting multiple images of his face arranged in a grid of 6 or more, creating a virtual ‘choir’ of Jacobs all singing together. These voices are usually backed by instrumental accompaniment, all played by Collier and ranging from the drums, bass, and piano of a small jazz combo on his cover of “Close to You” to a symphony size assortment of instruments from across the world on his version of Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing.”

On his debut album, In My Room, Collier’s original songs are presented in arrangements that are as expansive as they are intricate. On the album opener “Woke Up Today,” Jacob’s maximalist funk is almost off the rails in its complexity. His lush composition “Hideaway” goes a different route, trading punchy drums and vocal stabs for lavish strummed strings and smooth singing. Collier also takes on popular songs by some of pop music’s greats, including the meditative Beach Boys title track, and a stunning a capella arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s,“You and I.”

On stage, Jacob Collier is a frenetic live composer. Outfitted with a custom multimedia audiovisual experience designed by MIT’s Ben Bloomberg, expect Collier to excitedly run around the stage sounding like the wildest one-man band around. Jacob Collier comes to Brighton Music Hall on March 13 at 6pm.

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