Japandroids come to Royale on February 20

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When listening to the new Japandroids album Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, it’s hard to tell that The Japandroids took a three-year hiatus from music before releasing their third studio album. Back in 2009, The Japandroids put out their debut album Post-Nothing, a spirited, energetic, and above all, danceable rock record. While the band lacked any budget to promote it, Pitchfork took note and awarded “Young Hearts Spark Fire” the distinction of “Best New Track,” With that publicity, The Japandroids blew up. Closely following the release of their debut, the band pushed out their follow-up record, Celebration Rock, in 2012. Their sophomore record elevated them to greater fame; with tracks like the awe-inspiring “Younger Us” showing their incredible talent for creating anthems. Without losing a step, the third Japandroids album is chock full of the same frantic, punk energy that made them famous.


Garnering comparisons to everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Tom Petty, The Japandroids’ lyrical content embodies the motto of 70’s rock acts. It’s almost cheesy in form yet still distinctly heartening. Sonically, the duo has long kept with a signature flying velocity that harkens to the 80s noise-punk. In short, the upcoming Japandroids show at Royale on February 20 is sure to electrify.



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