Colony House at the Sinclair on 2/27

Colony House is coming to The Sinclair later this month. In October 2016, they opened for The Mowgli’s at The Sinclair. On February 27th, they’ll be back in Cambridge, this time headlining in support of their sophomore album, Only the Lonely, released under RCA Records. Colony House established themselves within the indie rock genre with songs like “Silhouettes” and “Second Guessing Games” off of their first album, When I Was Younger, released in 2014 and through heavy touring in 2015.

Only the Lonely, released just over a month ago, has already garnered much success for the band.  Two of the album’s singles, “You Know It” and “You & I,” are already nearing 2 million streams each on Spotify. Their Tennessee roots show through on many of their tracks, and they often employ multiple rhythmic sequences throughout each of their songs, adding interest to their guitar-driven pop-rock style.  “Lonely,” one of my favorites from the album, showcases the band’s ability to create  with catchy choruses that just make you want to sing along.  You can check it out below.

Catch them Monday, 2/27 at The Sinclair.

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Image Credits: Katie Fielding

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