Plans for Your Thursday Night: DJ Lucas at the Middle East

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 2.51.04 PM

Who is DJ Lucas? The biggest name in the Western Mass. rap game, rapper-producer DJ Lucas, a.k.a. The Young Mr. Clean, blends Atlanta rap music, using trap beats riddled with adlibs, with a Sad Boy-esque, alt, emo, cloud rap sound. With a relaxed, autotuned, and sometimes slurred rap flow, DJ Lucas sounds like what Yung Lean might have sounded like if he grew up in rural New England.

A founder of Western Massachusetts’ Dark World syndicate, which originally began as a punk label, DJ Lucas and around twenty other members, all mostly based in Western Massachusetts, are making music that diverges from mainstream rap, and creating their own niche in the music scene. With cosigns from Ratking rapper, Wiki, who appears on DJ Lucas’s album, Till Death Do Us Part 1, The Young Mr. Clean is on the rise.

DJ Lucas will be joined by collaborator LuieGo of eGOmaniAKs Records, from Amherst, MA, Weird Dane, a fellow Dark World member from MA, and Framingham rapper Jymmy Kafka, who just released his EP, Quality of Life, at the Middle East Upstairs, March 16th.

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