Princess Nokia Shuts Down a Sold Out Middle East Downstairs

Thursday marked day four of the annual, eight day Together Boston music festival. Following performances by LSDXOXO and Bearly Pablo, Princess Nokia enchanted Cambridge, Massachusetts when she took over the stage at midnight. A sold out Middle East Downstairs came to life, reciting back to her bars from “Tomboy,” the second track off her most recent nine song production, 1992. In red shorts, a red Pokemon t-shirt, and red bandana, the independent Afro-Nuyorican artist welcomed us as her collective alter ego, Princess Nokia. Her lyrics: “Come to my party, you ‘gon meet my army, a room full of girls and we acting real rowdy,” would go on to perfectly sum up the night’s energy.

Check out some of the photos of Princess Nokia as she performed other tracks from 1992, as well as her debut album with Christopher Lare, Metallic Butterfly.


all photos by Dana Brooks @dana.brooks

Princess Nokia is planning to drop the deluxe edition of 1992, which will include four new tracks, this week.

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