LANY at the House of Blues Boston

I was having a hard day, a day I never would have predicted ending in the House of Blues at 11:00pm, after refusing to miss even one line of LANY’s encore to call my Uber, finding myself shouting through the last chorus, with a band T-shirt in hand.

I actually saw LANY a couple years ago at the 9:30 club in Washington, DC while opening for BANKS. Even with a short half hour set, after having only released their debut 6 song LP “Make Out”, their performance stuck with me. LANY’s smash hit I Love You So Bad (ILYSB) has been on my go to car playlist ever since.

This time around, after dropping their first full length self-titled album, it was clear that the band has truly found their unique sound since I last saw them.  If the 1975, John Mayor’s guitar sound, the lush synths of RAC and a blissfully romantic west coast summer day had a baby, we would have LANY. As Paul Klein, LANY’s head singer began his first track, guitar in hand, I was reminded this guy has some pipes, he’s a damn good guitarist, and has a contagious energy that transfers to the whole audience that just can’t help jumping when he is jumping. 13, Good Girls, Super Far, ILYSB… hit after hit after hit. I was overwhelmed. I wanted more!

I learned at the show that LANY’s name combines their home cities of LA and New York, a nod to the bands seemingly lofty dream as they were first starting their career to spread their music from coast to coast. Seeing as their debut album has already blessed the east coast, it’s clear that their goal, in fact, may not have been lofty enough.

Check out photos from their set at the House of Blues below:


all photos by Ella Harvey

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