LP commanding the Royale

By Bianca Capretta
As LP opened her mouth, a wall of sound pierced the Royale. Calm yet commanding of the stage, she put on an engaging show leaving everyone wanting more. She effortlessly performed high intensity rockers, but could slow it down to a tender and heartwarming ballad. Constantly mixing up electric and acoustic, varying synths, and adding in many unconventional sounds, LP never did the same thing twice and always kept the audience on their feet.
Her secret weapon that sets her apart from so many other artists is her incredible range and the consistency at which she maintains those high notes. While a few songs sounded a bit rough on the vocal chords both tone and pitch-wise, LP for the most part quite flawlessly sang her complicated melodies up in the clouds. She almost screamed her way to these high notes, but in a way that was so crystal clear, whistle-like, and powerful. With a rich lower register, too, her fresh and edgy voice had everyone transfixed all night long.

Photo by Bianca Capretta

As her banger “Witness” began, the crowd riled up more than they had before. At this point in the show, her fans proved how much they really loved her. With the band rocking out, LP belting her brains out, and everyone jumping up and down singing along, so much energy permeated the room, making for a powerful effect. “Witness” was the peak of the show.

Photo by Bianca Capretta

Something subtle but memorable was a small motif introduced throughout her set list. You could hear this melody “uh oo oo” across multiple songs and I found this consistent hidden gem very creative. Her talent went beyond her extreme range and creativity when I realized she was also playing the ukulele for half the night.
With two impeccable song choices to close the show, LP overall impressed me with her consistency, energy, and confidence. With no sign of tiring, she left everyone wanting more.

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