Children of the Horn: Let’s Get It

Children of the Horn wins their audience over not only with their talent but also their collective personality. Like all Tufts students, they are very passionate about what they love, and in this case, it’s playing music. Even though they displayed signs of nervousness during their first interview, the band is a force to be reckoned with in the Tufts music scene.

We have Elise Lee to thank for the creation of Children of the Horn, which consists of Jordan Anthony Elijah Barnes (vocals), Kennedy Bailey (vocals), Jackson Fulk-Logon (drums), Jon Kuwada (guitar), Andrew Tegeler (bass), and Matt Estabrook (saxophone). She wanted to play in a band before graduation to complete her Tufts experience in the music scene. She first recruited Jordan, and the band quickly formed around them. Jordan and Andrew met in Nan Levinson’s Creative Writing Fiction class, while Jordan and Kennedy are in S-Factor together. After Elise graduated, they decided to continue playing music together.


As a newly formed band, they needed a name that would stick. Their search resulted in the moniker Children of the Horn (before they even had a horn). Their band name took a sharp turn from their original name, Coastal Children. Jordan’s mom used to call him and his sister “children of the corn” whenever they were misbehaving, a nickname based on the 1980s horror film of the same name. At first, Jordan didn’t know the implication of him and his sister’s nickname. When he finally realized, he confronted his mom, wondering why “you’ve been calling us children who murder people?” nonetheless embracing this moniker for the band. Thankfully, Children of the Horn aren’t a bunch of murdering kids, but rather a group of dudes who enjoy each other’s company and playing music.

One of the band’s greatest strengths is that they know how to work a crowd. According to Andrew, they tend to lean towards “crowd pleasers”, like their cover of “I Heard Love is Blind” by Amy Winehouse. As for originals, Kennedy explains that “those kinds of songs come together as we play them,” like “A Blue Note,” written by Jordan and “Brightside,” written by Kennedy himself. Before our interview, the band played “A Blue Note” for an audience of one (just me), yet I still felt the energy flowing out of them. Kennedy was sick with a cold, but still chose to partake in the performance, and his voice did not disappoint. I saw the same charisma and excitement as I did when I saw them perform at Battle of the Bands in Brown & Brew to a crowd of 50 people. They just care about performing their music.

While Children of the Horn clearly take their music seriously, they are definitely a group of friends who love to joke around. Throughout the interview, they were laughing, each trying to one up each other about which movie they would like to soundtrack: Project X, Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, or High School Musical 3. Jackson at one point confessed he had cried in high school when Drake released Nothing Was the Same while Jordan admitted to crying to Oasis. When John said that he loves to perform “I Heard Love is Blind” because he thinks “it makes you feel something,” his bandmates all laughed at him. Kennedy bashfully said he wouldn’t hook up to his song “Bright Side”—not to be confused with “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers, which I cannot confirm whether he would hook up to or not. However, the rest of the band members would hook up to “Bright Side.” This silly, relaxed vibe translates to their performances, during which, you can tell they are always enjoying themselves.

The band has played shows on campus from Battle of the Bands to Applejam. They have even brought their talent to the Middle East, playing alongside Smoking Babies, as well as to Harvard Square at the Hong Kong restaurant. Although they have only been a band for roughly a year, they have left a lasting mark on the Tufts community. Sadly, some of the band members will be graduating this year, but the remainder are still very much intent on being involved in the music scene. Ending the interview on the perfect note, in unison, Children of the Horn shouted, “Let’s get it!”


Photos by Katie Fielding

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