More Than Just Great Good Fine Ok

By Katie Fielding and Diana Hernandez

Fans packed Paradise Rock Club on June 7th for the Boston stop of the Spring is Sprung tour. Great Good Fine Ok joined Smallpools on a co-headlining tour showcasing some of the best of indie- and synth-pop. Great Good Fine Ok, a Brooklyn-based duo known for their 2013 breakout single “You’re The One For Me” and more recent hits “Find Yourself” and “Take It or Leave It,” closed the show, performing after opener Half the Animal and Smallpools.

By the time their set started at 10:30, much of the crowd had dissipated, and yet, the energy in the room did not. It was a good thing the space had opened up, as their percussion-driven dance music had everyone in the crowd moving. Frontman Jon Sandler’s falsettos dazzled the crowd almost as much as his non-stop dance moves and his elaborate kimono did. It wasn’t only the songs’ high beat tempo, but also Sandler’s energy transferring over to his fans. It was late in the night, yet everyone was wide awake with their full attention on the band and their music. Their stage presence truly made the night feel young. The lighting design fit the music–and Sandler’s dance moves–flawlessly as the bright colors flashed and danced around the stage.

The band played through crowd favorites, their newest single, “Change,” and a cover of Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” before ending their set with “Take It or Leave It.” Between the Michael Jackson cover, ‘80’s inspired synths, and Danny Wolf’s drum solo, the show played upon ‘80’s nostalgia while the band’s music also conveyed a futuristic sense.

Great Good Fine Ok has a promising future ahead catchy, deep tunes and energetic stage presence.

Photos by Katie Fielding

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