Swearin’ Is Back and Burning Bright at Great Scott, 10/11


After a short hiatus, Swearin’ sounds better than ever. Allison Crutchfield and Kyle Gilbride still lead the same Philadelphia band that wants to draw you in with gleaming melodies while playing loud enough blow out your ears. But now they also stand out as experienced songwriters with a wealth of personal experiences on their minds that they are eager to confidently unload.

DSC_0537.JPGOn their new record, Fall Into The Sun, Swearin’ have crafted an album that deftly mixes the youthful exuberance of their roots with introspective lyrics that show the band embracing a sentimental self-awareness of being indie pop-punk musicians nearing their 30s. The album features many looks into the rear view mirror, such as the opener “Big Change,” where Crutchfield reminisces extensively on her adolescence and how far she has come over a lone guitar until the band crashes in and sets the album in motion. Change is also the major player on “Grow into a Ghost.” Swathed in roaring, candied guitars, Crutchfield paints a precise snapshot of New York City before pondering the ways people change over time and her own existential uncertainty.

DSC_0508.JPGSimilarly, “Untitled (LA)” is a poignant road trip song about leaving home and all its baggage, set to ebullient, churning guitars, buoyant bass, and incessant drums. Finally, we get a look at a chaotic and uncertain present and future on the closer, “Future Hell.” Despite the title, Gilbride’s voice exudes slacker charm even though his vivid lyrics show him experiencing to a strangely colorful and mysterious night, suggesting that the band wants to push right on through to the sunrise.


The emotionally charged reincarnation of Swearin’ will surely blow the roof off Great Scott with their new songs and maybe even some old favorites on Thursday, October 11th (doors at 8:30pm).

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