The Beths at Brighton Music Hall

by Michael Cambron

On February 28th, New Zealand indie rockers continued their tour of the US with an energetic showing at Brighton Music Hall.


Opening the show was Washington D.C. based act Bad News. Built around all four members shared lead vocal duties, adding to the forceful pop-punk sound cultivated by the band. With songs ranging in topic from climate change to queer awakenings at bible camp, Bad Moves effectively energized the crowd.

Following them was the indie pop group Bad Bad Hats. Led by guitarist and lead vocalist Kerry Alexander, the quartet showed off some their expertly crafted pop songs. A particular highlight was “Super America,” a jangly, lovesick ode to local convenience stores and the copious amounts of junk food they supply to the recently heartbroken.

The Beths were set up for success, and they delivered. They ran through all the of the tracks appearing on their critically acclaimed debut album, Future Me Hates Me. Frontwoman and guitarist Elizabeth Stokes and all the other members of the band were on point, delivering the crunchy indie rock goodness their debut album promised. Songs by The Beths have the dual nature of feeling both familiar and fresh. Each hook feels unique on the first listen, yet by the time the second chorus hits you’ll find it more difficult to not be singing along.

Also refreshing is how in lieu of dismissing angsty sentiments as immature and juvenile, The Beths place those feelings at the forefront of their music. Standout from the show, “Happy Unhappy,” has the backing providing oohs, aahs, and poppy guitar riffs juxtaposed with Stokes’ vocals detailing the fallout of a tumultuous relationship. Same goes for their performance of “Future Me Hates Me,” with Stokes expresses not wanting to disappoint her future self amidst roaring guitar riffs.


Overall, The Beths’ knack for combining honest lyrics and catchy as hell melodies has won them many fans. Though their debut album suggests they have reservations about their futures, if their showing at Brighton Music Hall indicates the Beths have a bright future ahead of them.

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