Mike Krol: Electrifying Great Scott

Mike Krol’s music is a brilliant mixture of classic rock, noisy garage rock, and punk. His latest record, Power Chords, is an ambitious combination of multiple subgenres beautifully blended together to create an unsettling but compelling symphony.

Mike Krol and his bandmates walked onto the stage at Great Scott, a smug look on their faces, instruments in hand. Each band member wore a button down shirt and either a bloody face or a black eye – a screwed up uniform that gave them exactly the edge they needed. And although their look marked the ensemble as not-to-be-fucked-with, they compensated for this with passionate energy and an approachable stage presence. The chemistry between bandmates was palpable, letting audience members know that they were not only bandmates, but friends. The goofy, friendly bonds between bandmates made the concert all the more enjoyable for audience members.

Mike Krol’s energetic sound and voice is distinctly hard to replicate onstage – despite flowing well on the record. Regardless, Krol was able to perfectly reproduce the unique sound on his record, while still adding his own individual twist. Most of Krol’s setlist consisted of songs off of his newest album, Power Chords, a whimsical collection of jangly rock songs. Despite writing about some dark themes on the record, Krol somehow manages to make the album upbeat and danceable, an extraordinary feat for hs genre. Mike Krol’s unmatched energy radiated quickly through the small crowd, sending an earthquake through Great Scott. His stage presence had the crowd instantly entranced, throwing them into a garage rock frenzy. Although Great Scott is a small and intimate venue, Mike Krol worked with what he had to give his audience an incredible concert experience. He even set up most of the stage himself, sold his own merch, and controlled lighting while onstage, turning strobe lights on between bars. Krol’s electrifying set helped him prove not only that he has a powerful stage presence, but also showed audiences that he is a humble, hard-working artist – something that’s not as common in today’s music sphere.

mike krol!.jpg

If you’re looking for an artist with a powerful stage presence and unmatched musical talent – look no further than Mike Krol. Check out his latest record here:



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