Raveena at ONCE, 9/18


In her album, EP, and single covers, Raveena is often seen in soft focus amidst a richly colored background. The delicate simplicity of these images perfectly mirrors Raveena’s music: satiny neo-soul that is effortlessly warm and understatedly beautiful. The queer, Indian-American singer crafts eloquent, smooth R&B subtly influenced by South Asian music, calling to mind icons like Erykah Badu and Asha Puthli. 

Her debut album Lucid is a meditation on a relationship featuring a well-blended assemblage of mellow keyboards, nimble bass, and crisp drums, but it’s Raveena’s wonderful voice that draws you into the center of the sound. Her honeyed singing has a supple strength that keeps it in the foreground of every song even when enveloped in the gorgeous wash of sound. On “No Better” and “If Only,” both standouts from her 2017 EP Shanti, she croons gracefully around swaths of keys and horns with a featherlight touch. The leisurely tempos of Lucid tracks like “Nectar,” “Stone,” and “Mama” allow Raveena to stretch her voice out even more for an ethereal effect. Her show at ONCE in Somerville promises to surround the audience in the warm power of her music. 

Catch Raveena at ONCE Somerville with Dianna Lopez on Wednesday, September 18 at 8pm.

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