Poppy Burns It to the Ground at Brighton Music Hall

By Amanda Butcher.

Poppy, who used to go by ThatPoppy on YouTube, amassed a large following with her eerie, addicting music videos, captivating millions. She began her music career with cheerful, bubbly pop music, but her latest release I Disagree has taken a sharp turn. Since its release, I haven’t been able to get enough of the harmonious blend of pop and metal and her seamless transitions between thrashing guitars and growling with upbeat, high-pitched vocals. 

After an ominous yet enthralling performance from self-described “death-pop” duo Vowws, the sirens began to blare from I Disagree’s opening track “Concrete”. The crowd cheered as Poppy strutted on to the stage. My jaw dropped when I saw her outfit, a stark contrast to the pastel, girly attire she often wore on her popular YouTube channel. She donned a studded black leather cloak with a long leg slit, showing off a strappy red leg piece. The most striking difference from her previous look, though, was her long, brown pony tail, ditching her signature blonde hair. She made it clear she was leaving the old Poppy behind, which became even clearer when she whispered into the microphone “bury me six feet deep” and the crowd lurched forward during the introductory guitar solo. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 10.41.28 AM

Photo by Amanda Butcher.

Although famously unexpressive, Poppy brought a vivacious energy to the stage. She somehow managed to dance in her towering platform boots, head-bang, and strut the stage as she sung because, well, she’s Poppy. It was clear she was having fun with it, and the crowd fed off of her energy. She yelled to the crowd to open up the pit, prompting an even more dynamic energy.

After an exhilarating performance of X, the music stopped as Poppy gave the crowd a serious look. “Hi Boston, how are you today?’ she said, in her soft, high-pitched almost-whisper that contributed to her YouTube fame. Everyone went nuts, eager to shout their love to Poppy. Hearing her speak was like ASMR. This soothing moment, though, was merely a brief pause from the heavy drums and guitars as she proceeded to tell the audience, “Boston, you shouldn’t be anything like me.” 

She finished the set off with “Don’t Go Outside,” the final track of I Disagree and the most acoustic track on the album. After singing to “burn it to the ground”, she reassured the crowd that “everything will be ok” with her soothing voice and one final guitar solo. She and her band exited the stage, but the crowd still couldn’t get enough Poppy. We chanted “Poppy” for at least 10 minutes, and it was clear no one was going home until she came back and played “I Disagree”. Poppy made it clear that she’s making music on her own terms now, and will be a force to be reckoned with.

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