Dayglow at the Paradise Rock Club, 10/16

As a light rain mists over the wraparound queue outside Paradise Rock Club, fans excitedly await the upcoming set from the indie pop star Sloan Struble, otherwise known as Dayglow. After 2018’s Fuzzybrain became a sensation, led by the popular single “Can I Call You Tonight,” 2021’s Harmony House gives us a peek at a slight groovier, bell bottom pants-sporting tone. Currently taking the world by storm after pandemic-related delays, Dayglow’s recent stint of hometown shows at Austin City Limits music festival and ACL Live sets the tone for a vibrant remainder of his tour. 

Hovvdy, another group from Austin, opens up for Dayglow with a smooth selection from their latest release, True Love. Starting off the night with a bang, the crowd is at the edge of their seats as the headliner takes the stage.

Sloan struts around the stage with David Byrne-esque dance moves wearing a Jimmy Buffett t-shirt, his presence more akin to an extremely animated standup comedian than a frontman. As soon as he straps on his guitar, however, the energy in the room explodes. Already covered in variations of glitter, sweat, and cowboy regalia, the glowing optimism of an audience singing their hearts out with every song gets to the frontman, and it’s easy to see in his own performance the sheer joy and gratitude not just for this gig but for the power and impact of live music. 

The setlist is about an even mix of the new and the old, something for fans since day 1 and fans from last month’s Discovery Weekly. Crowd-pleasers like “Hot Rod,” “Listerine,” and “Can I Call You Tonight” bring the room off its feet, with the whole scene becoming a jumping, screaming, smiling mass. The night is capped off with a joyous cover of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” melding into “Run The World!!!” off of Fuzzybrain. After ending the night on such a high note, it’s hard to go back out into the real world of train rides and BU hockey games, but it’s a show Boston won’t soon forget. Hopefully, Dayglow will be around these parts again real soon. Until then, be sure to check out True Love, Fuzzybrain, and Harmony House – and hook ‘em horns!

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