Wet at The Sinclair 11/7

Following Wet’s release of their first full album Don’t You in 2016 songs like Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl, It’s All in Vain, and Weak earned their places in almost all of my sad playlists. When I think of Wet I think of laying in the bed of my high school bedroom with my headphones in, letting the gentle rhythms and voice of frontwoman Kelly Zutrau bring some peace to a rough day. I have kept up with Wet’s releases over the years, Still Run in 2018, and Letter Blue released just a week before their performance in Cambridge, but none of their songs had managed to earn a similar place in my heart as my favorites from Don’t You until I saw them live.

Given the low energy of the majority of Wet’s discography, I was a bit nervous about how they would keep the audience’s attention. Once the concert started I quickly realized that I had nothing to worry about. The band put more energy into the music than I’ve heard in their recordings, but I never questioned what song was being played. The gentle quality of Wet’s music that I adore when listening alone in my room becomes a more palpable feeling of emotion when in a crowd listening to it live. 

As the show went on I was more and more blown away by how amazing Zutrau’s raw, natural, the voice was. There was a moment when I saw her messing around with her in-ears looking frustrated, but her singing never faltered for a second. She appeared to effortlessly keep the audience’s attention, never missing a beat. 

I left the show overjoyed that despite this being a tour for their newest album, most of my favorite songs from Don’t You were still played, while also adding new favorites like There’s a Reason from Still Run, and Larabar from Letter Blue to my playlists. This concert shifted my love for Wet from one steeped in nostalgia for their 2016 album to one of admiration and excitement for their current and future work, and for that I am incredibly grateful.

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