Melisma Magazine is Tufts’ premier journal of music. Established in 2004, we cover local, independent music relevant to Tufts and provide an outlet for thought on the music industry at large.

2020-2021 StaffMelisma M copy

Ethan Lam
Lola Nedic
Julia Bernicker

Senior Editors:
Laura Wolfe

Managing Editors:
Michael Cambron
Miranda Feinberg

Press Editor (currently vacant during the COVID-19 pandemic):

Florence Almeda
Julia Bernicker
Ian Smith
Andres Lopez
Miles Joseph
Vinay Arun

Social Media:
Kayla Avitabile

Press (currently vacant during the COVID-19 pandemic):

Max Chow-Gillette
Georgia Moore
Mike Norton
Grace Rotermund
Andrew Fellows
Sahm Schiller
Thomas Felt
Taylor Jacobs
Ana Minasyan

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